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Who is Weddiness Partner?

A Weddiness Partner can become anyone, who would like to receive commision for recommending our online gift registry to newlyweds. We especially recommend registration as Weddiness Partner to all individuals and companies in wedding industry e.g. to wedding planners, decorators, photographers, wedding venues and wedding industry media.

How can I become a Weddiness Partner?

All you have to do in order to become a Weddiness Partner is to register with the website using a link called Become a Weddiness Partner in the website’s footer.

Why is it worth to become the Weddiness Partner?

For every happy couple (that have paid the Activation fee) recommended the Weddiness Partner receives the commision.

As the advantage for Weddiness Partners we perceive also the idea of - the possibility for the newlyweds to get the money for the gifts even before the wedding.

How can I receive commision?

In order to prove that a Partner actually recommended to a particular happy couple, while paying their Activation fee, the newlyweds has to put the registered Partner’s email address in the field "Enter recommending person's e-mail to get discount" in the bookmark "Service fees"

All commission fees payable to a Partner are visible in the bookmark called "Payments list" after logging in.

A Partner gives his/her money transfer data in the bookmark My data

Partner’s commission can only be paid after "Payments list" includes at least EUR 20. The moment the total of new commissions on the "Commitions" list amounts to at least 20 EUR, a "Withdraw" button will appear under the list. Once a Partner clicks the button, the total amount of collected commission fees will be sent to him/her within 3 days.

If a Partner has only collected EUR 10 in his/her account and within the period of 12 consecutive months has not recommended any new happy couple who would pay Activation fee, the amount already collected is void. Such measure exists in order to avoid any potential abuse from Users.

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