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What is is the alternative to traditional wedding gift registries - it's the on-line gifts list thanks to which newlyweds will be able to easily visualize their real dreams and needs and guests will have the comfort of contributing the amount of money they wish to make these dreams come true!

In there are no physical gifts. On Weddiness newlyweds show the guests what you are dreaming of and what gifts they wish to have no matter if it is an object, a service or a honeymoon trip. Through Weddiness guests can smoothly and quickly contribute with money towards chosen gifts. Both guest and newlyweds receive a confirmation of a contribution toward gift. 

Weddiness is also the website where newlyweds can add any information relating to the wedding reception and wedding ceremony.

What are the advantages of gift registry for guests?

Save time!

  • You can browse through the gift list within a few minutes, make your money transfer instantly and... that’s it! You will receive a confirmation of payment for selected gifts by email. 
  • You don’t have to go from shop to shop searching for proper gifts
  • You don’t have to wait for the gift to be sent
  • You don’t have to think hard about what gift to buy

Save money!

  • You don’t have to travel to shops
  • You don’t have to wrap gifts
  • You save because you don't have to send gifts

Gifts of high value

  • You only buy what the newlyweds really wishe to have 
  • You avoid getting the Lucky Couple gifts someone else has already given them
  • You can have your share in a high value gift

Less stress, more comfort

  • It is up to you what amount of money you want to spend or what gift you contribute to
  • You don’t have to transport your gift
  • You don’t have to worry that might give the Lucky Couple an unwanted gift
  • You choose the method of payment that suits you best
  • You can buy gifts on behalf of someone else or on behalf of many people


  • Transactions and data in are secured similar to on-line banking
  • Money is transferred to the newlyweds account
  • The most popular and the safest of on-line payments
  • Trusted partners (Przelewy24, Moneybookers, Visa, Mastercard, Directebanking, TrustPay)

Easy access for everyone

  • A possibility of browsing the website service in Polish and English (other languages are soon going to be available) vs. the necessity of speaking the language in which the service is created 
  • You can still buy a gift even if you are not coming to the wedding 
  • You can buy a gift 24/7, 7 days a week (vs. being limited to shop business hours)
  • Checking how much a given gift is in any world currency is just a click away. 


How to contribute towards gifts?

Depending on a payment method that the Bride & Groom have chosen for their Guests, the Guests see at least one of two options and can:


1. Pay on-line directly after a gift has been chosen

  • Guests can contribute with money thanks to the most popular on-line payment methods right after choosing the gifts.
  • Available on-line payment options
    • For the gift registry in PLN: VISA, Mastercard, direct bank payments (all polish banks and many from West and South Europe) 
    • For the gift registry in EUR: TrustPay, DirecteBanking
  • In case of the on-line payment there’s a small service fee added to the amount of contribution. Thanks to this option, the happy couple can receive 100% of gifts value contributed. E.g. to contribute with EUR 100 usually there is 4,9% that is added to the choosen gifts value, in this case - EUR 4.90. By using on-line payment the newlyweds can for sure enjoy the money already before the wedding.

2. Pay on their own

  • If the Bride & Groom enables this more traditional option for their guests, the guest can choose this option. In this case the guest will receive e-mail with all information needed to provide the money on his/her own:
    • List of choosen gifts
    • Gifts price and the total amount
    • Bank money transfer date provided by newlyweds
  • After the gift has been chosen and the guest has clicked on “Contribute” button, he/she will be asked for an e-mail address, to which an e-mail containing your bank account number and purchase overview will be sent.
  • The guest will have to provide the money on his/her own e.g. by making the bank transfer from their bank account directly to newlyweds' account or by bringing the money personally.

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