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What is is the alternative to traditional wedding gift registries - it's the on-line gifts list thanks to which you will be able to easily visualize your real dreams and needs and your guests will have the comfort of contributing the amount of money they wish to make your dreams come true!

It is up to you what you put on your wedding gift list. You can list the following: parts of your honeymoon trip (flight, hotel, spa beauty treatment) or even items such as your flat redecoration where ‘painting’ or ‘furniture’ will stand as symbols for your gifts.  Or maybe you would like to be more straightforward and show your guests you are collecting money to put on a bank deposit or to arrange your wedding (decorations, photographer, MC)? You can also decide as to how you want your guests to pay you – whether you want the payment to be transferred to your account instantly through an on-line money transfer with a Polish bank or maybe you would rather have your guests bring you an envelope to the wedding reception or maybe you want them to pay money directly to your bank account. Thanks to your gift list is flexible and the money you have collected can be spent... in any possible way you only wish!

How does work?

Weddiness Service is the most flexible gift list for newlyweds. The happy couple registers with, creates their own gift list as well as a simple website. The newlyweds choose their unique link and shares their website with their guests. The guests pay for selected gifts through on-line money transfers or whatever other way they choose to pay. The couple can manage their payment list and withdraw money collected on-line at any time.


Flexibility of Weddiness gifts registry:

  • Website with an online gift registry and the possibility to add all the necessary information about the wedding
  • Create a list in any currency
  • Quickly create your own symbols of gifts, choose from hundreds of ready-made gift or import gifts from any web page
  • On-line payments and traditional option - guests can decide to provide money on their own
  • Add translations (now in PL and EN) for foreign guests
  • See the gift's prices in any currency of the world
  • Share list via e-mail, Facebook
  • Use automatically generated banner to your Weddiness list if you already own the wedding website


Why Weddiness and not cash?

Thanks to your Weddiness gift registry you receive gifts in cash only, but there are plenty of the Weddiness' advantages:

  • In Weddiness you visualise what you dream or what you really need. Guests like to have the feeling that they meet your real needs!
  • In Weddiness guests can traditionally deliver cash gifts to you (as before) or pay conveniently on-line (for lists created in PLN, EUR), and both payments methods can be used to meet your and your guests needs. And you will see all payments integrated on one convenient Payments list!
  • Contributions are made by the guests before the wedding, well in advance so you can use the money any time!
  • On your Payments list in Weddiness you can:
    • see who has already gave the money for a gift, on behalf of who,
    • control all payments in one place
    • send polite reminders to guests about pending contributions
    • read wishes from guests
    • send Thank-you e-mails to guests
  • By switching the on-line payment method for guests (available for gift registries in PLN and EUR), guests can immediately contribute with the money for a gift, and you - receive cash as soon as possible.
  • Guests receive automaticaly generated confirmation of the money transfer with a full summary and a PDF file which they can print and keep as evidence for yourself or for the bride and the groom.

Which currencies can you create your gift list in?


Your gift list can be created in any currency. Before you create the first gift, you will be asked to choose what is called your base currency. now offers on-line payments available for the following currencies: 

  • EUR (banks of Western and Southern Europe)
  • PLN (credit cards, debit cards, Polish banks, Skycash)

At the moment, it is possible that the happy couple receives funds in all currencies of the world (including EUR and PLN) directly from guests e.g. to their account or provided personally (a guest receives an e-mail listing the gifts, their value and money transfer details delivered by newlyweds).


How can we inform our guests about the gift list?

While creating your website with your gift list, you choose an alias for it, that is the name, for example: Kasia-Tomek and your website will be the following:

If you don’t wish your website to be accessible to the public, you can establish a password to protect it (in the bookmark called Publish registry after you log into your account). In such a case, you should give your guests the password the moment you inform them about the website.

You can notify your guests about the website in the following ways:

  • Directly from your account from the bookmark called List Publication through:
    • An e-mail (by clicking the envelope icon)
    • Posting the information on your Facebook accounts (by clicking the Facebook logo)
  • If you have a website with another service, you can put an automatically generated banner including your names which will redirect your guests to Weddiness
  • Sending the address of your Weddiness website ( by email from your chosen email contacts

Your guests can also look up your website by typing your names in the website search engine.

What is our Payments list?

 List of Payments makes it possible for you to conveniently:

  • Manage the payments made by guests 
  • Withdraw the collected payments which were made on-line 
  • Check who has paid, what for, how much a particular gift was, what method of payment the person chose or attempted to pay 
  • Contact the guests who made the transactions 
  • Read the wedding wishes attached to a given payment
  • Browse and sort your list of transactions


How to withdraw the money collected on-line?

Newlyweds can demand that the funds are withdrawn at any time and as many times as they wish by clicking the "Withdraw" button.

By clicking "Withdraw", the happy couple requests a withdrawal of the total of all transactions marked as NEW which can be seen in "All successful on-line payments".

The Withdrawal button is invisible in only two cases:

  • When Payments does not include any NEW transactions
  • When the "Withdraw" button has already been clicked and the demand for withdrawal is already being processed (The statement is going to include the item Withdrawal request with the date and transaction total).

Each demand for withdrawal means that the demanded withdrawal amount will be charged with a money transfer fee to reach the Lucky Couple’s account (see Money transfer costs in How much does Weddiness?)

How to manage the Payments list?

Types of transactions and transaction statuses

Transactions are divided into: on-line and off-line. 

  • On-line transactions are transactions made via on-line payments (credit cards, debit cards, instant on-line bank money transfers). On-line transactions can have the following status types:
    • NEW – a new payments which you can demand by clicking the Withdrawal button
    • WITHDRAWN – payment which has already been withdrawn and paid to the lucky couple’s bank account 
    • WITHDRAWAL REQUEST – a transaction which is being processed at the moment – a payment is being withdrawn from Weddiness service and is on its way to the newlyweds' bank account
    • FAILED – a transaction that has been not finished by a guest for whatever reason (due to lack of sufficient funds in the account or sudden closing of the Internet browser) 
  • Off-line transactions stand for all transactions made outside Weddiness and mean all the transactions guests made on their own, at their own discretion (they paid at the post office, at a bank, they brought the money in an envelope, etc.) Transactions guests made on their own can have the following status types:
    • To be confirmed – it means that a guest added a gift to his/her shopping basket and declared he/she would pay for it on their own. The Lucky Couple will then confirm they have received the payment. 


Action buttons

If the happy couple only decided to have off-line payments (outside the Weddiness service), Payments list will include the following action buttons next to each transaction:

  • Confirm – by clicking which the couple confirm that a given payment is marked as received (for example, the Lucky Couple checked their bank account and saw that a chosen gift had been paid for). When the Lucky Couple click the button, an email gets sent to a guest with a thank-you note along with a PDF file with a picture of the gift to be printed. The Lucky Couple receives a message about the fact they have received a gift.
  • Set as unconfirmed – if the Lucky Couple confirmed the payment has been made but for whatever reason would like to withdraw the action, they can click the button and the payment will be withdrawn from the statement in All confirmed off-line payments.
  • Send a reminder – the button is used to send an email to a guest politely reminding him/her to pay on their own (if the guest declared they would pay at their discretion and the Lucky Couple has still not received any money directly from the guest)
  • Delete from the list – the button makes it possible to delete a transaction from Payments list. The action cannot be reversed.


If the Lucky Couple enabled the guests to pay instantly via on-line payments (through Przelewy24), action buttons will appear only and exclusively next to on-line transactions which were not successful (if a guest declared he/she wanted to buy a gift but didn’t have sufficient funds in his/her account/card or didn’t finish the transaction for whatever reason). In such case, the Lucky Couple have the following action buttons at their disposal:

  • Notify the Guest – to send the guest information by email politely informing them about the unsuccessful transaction. We recommend that you double check because the same person with another transaction might have paid for the same gift. If that is the case, you can delete the failed transaction from the list (Delete from the list). 
  • Delete from the list – to delete the transaction from Payments list. The operation cannot be reversed.

Unsuccessful on-line payments are shown on "Payments list" because people who pay on-line very often can’t really tell whether the transaction has been successfully processed or not.

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