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What is is the alternative to traditional wedding gift registries - it's the on-line gifts list thanks to which you will be able to easily visualize your real dreams and needs and your guests will have the comfort of contributing the amount of money they wish to make your dreams come true!

It is up to you what you put on your wedding gift list. You can list the following: parts of your honeymoon trip (flight, hotel, spa beauty treatment) or even items such as your flat redecoration where ‘painting’ or ‘furniture’ will stand as symbols for your gifts.  Or maybe you would like to be more straightforward and show your guests you are collecting money to put on a bank deposit or to arrange your wedding (decorations, photographer, MC)? You can also decide as to how you want your guests to pay you – whether you want the payment to be transferred to your account instantly through an on-line money transfer with a Polish bank or maybe you would rather have your guests bring you an envelope to the wedding reception or maybe you want them to pay money directly to your bank account. Thanks to your gift list is flexible and the money you have collected can be spent... in any possible way you only wish!

How does work?

Weddiness Service is the most flexible gift list for newlyweds. The happy couple registers with, creates their own gift list as well as a simple website. The newlyweds choose their unique link and shares their website with their guests. The guests pay for selected gifts through on-line money transfers or whatever other way they choose to pay. The couple can manage their payment list and withdraw money collected on-line at any time.

Flexibility of Weddiness gifts registry:

  • Website with an online gift registry and the possibility to add all the necessary information about the wedding
  • Create a list in any currency
  • Quickly create own symbols of gifts, choose from hundreds of ready-made gift or import gifts from any web page
  • On-line payments and traditional option - guests can decide to provide money on their own
  • Add translations (now in PL and EN) for foreign guests
  • See the gift's prices in any currency of the world
  • Share list via e-mail, Facebook
  • Use automatically generated banner to your Weddiness list if you already own the wedding website

Why is Weddiness the most convenient gift registry?

In there are no physical gifts. On Weddiness you show your guests what you are dreaming of and what gifts you wish to have no matter if it is an object, a service or a honeymoon trip. Through Weddiness your guests can smoothly and quickly contribute with money towards chosen gift that you create and, just like you, they can receive a confirmation of a gift purchase. 

Weddiness is the website with a gift list to which you can also add any information relating to your wedding reception and wedding ceremony. You can also use Weddiness as a gift list only and add a link or a banner to your Weddiness gift list from your existing website.

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