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 Weddiness.com Terms & Conditions


§ 1


In the hereto Terms and Conditions the following definitions apply:

  • „Administrator” – shall mean an entity providing services Weddiness.com  - Weddiness, ul. Sowińskiego 18a, 60-283 Poznań;
  • „Bride and Groom”, "Newlyweds" or "Happy Couple" – shall mean adult entities who are fully capable to perform legal acts and have the intention and willingness to enter into marriage, for whom the Administrator will provide services as described in the Agreement.  
  • „Website” – shall mean an internet website under the web address www.weddiness.com through which the Administrator will provide electronic services;
  • „Agreement” – shall mean an Agreement for providing electronic services (referred to as “Services”) that shall be made by and between the Bride and Groom and the Administrator, as of the moment when the Terms and Conditions are accepted by the Bride and Groom, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions;
  • „Terms and Conditions” – shall mean the hereto document that specifies the rules and conditions upon which the Website is used, in particular including the rights and obligations of the Bride and Groom and of the Administrator;
  • „Site” – shall mean a sub-site of the Website that is made available to the Bride and Groom or a Partner in order for the Agreement to be fulfilled.
  • „Price List” – shall mean an attachment to the hereto Terms and Conditions that specifies prices for the services provided by the Administrator;
  • „Guests” – shall mean individuals making financial donations for the Bride and Groom through the Website;
  • „Partner” – shall mean an individual entity or a company that recommends services provided by the Administrator through the Website for the Bride and Groom;
  • „Editor” – shall mean an entity that uses an appropriate sub-site to access the Account of the Bride and Groom with a limited access to Gift and Help functions.  


§ 2

Registration in Weddiness.com

  • Administrator provides a working IT system, which He uses and enables the Bride and Groom to:
    • use by the Bride and Groom an electronic service, in a way that excludes unauthorised parties to access the content of the website, in particular, with the usage of cryptographic techniques adequate for the features of the provided services.  
    • Clear identification of parties of the electronic services and confirmation of the fact that a Declaration of Will was made and of its content, necessary to enter into an Agreement through rendering electronic services. 
    • Terminate, at any given moment, usage of the electronically rendered services.
  • Technical specifications necessary for the IT system used by the Administrator: Weddiness Stanisław Tomczak, ul. Sowińskiego 18a, 60-283 Poznań.
  • Upon acceptation of the hereto Terms and Conditions, the Bride and Groom express their approval of  all conditions and oblige to obey the conditions.
  • Creation and usage of an Account and functionalities within the Websites provided by the Administrator is voluntary and charged as specified by the Terms and Conditions and the Price List with subject to the aforementioned Section 1.
  • The Agreement is made for a definite period of time according to the Bride and Groom’s choice with the moment of the Terms and Conditions acceptance.
  • Registration process includes completion of a form under the web address www.weddiness.com/login and acceptance of the hereby Terms and Conditions. Upon acceptance of the hereby Terms and Conditions the Agreement is concluded.
  • Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions by the Bride and Groom is synonymous with the fact that the following declarations are made:
    • Bride and Groom have read and understood the Terms and Conditions and accept all of its provisions;
    • Personal data of the individuals within the Bride and Groom, submitted during the registration process and possibly altered later during the Website is used, is true and compliant with the law, in particular, It does not  violate any rights of third parties.  
  • Moreover, the Bride and Groom in order to enter into the Agreement shall make a declaration:
    • Of approval of personal data processing of particular parties within the Bride and Groom and the Administrator, including  transmission of Their image in order to fulfil the provisions of the Agreement;
    • Of approval to receive e-mails from the Administrator in order to properly fulfil the provisions of the Agreement, to an e-mail address provided in the registration process;


§ 3

Obligations of the Administrator

  • After the Bride and Groom have paid for the Account management as specified in the Price List, the Administrator will provide access to the Account presenting the wedding gifts desired by the Bride and Groom.
  • Within the Account the Administrator makes it possible to:
    • create and modify Account’s layout,
    • modify data on the Bride and Groom within the Account,
    • for the Bride and Groom to chose the wedding gifts’ ideas that will be presented within the Account,
    • transfer and donate money by Guests for the Bride and Groom,
    • access information on available funds to the Bride and Groom,
    • for the Bride and Groom to chose the way funds contributed by the Guests shall be paid out and that is:
      • online payments (offered by Przelewy24.pl, electronic banking included)
      • direct payments to the bank account of the Bride and Groom’s choice.
  • Additionally, the Administrator hereby promises that He will pay the Partner a commission as specified in the Price List.


§ 4

Obligations of the Bride and Groom 

  • As specified in the Agreement, the Bride and Groom promise to:
    • Make payments in accordance with the Price List,
    • Obey provisions of the Terms and Conditions.
  • It is forbidden to send by the Bride and Groom any materials that include content violating the Terms and Conditions, the law, good traditions, violating the Administrator’s rights or the rights of third parties or that are insulting, vulgar, carry a threat to third parties, discriminate in regards to gender, race, nationality, language, religion, encouraging violence or of an pornographic nature.    


§ 5

Transfer of funds

  • Money donated by the Guests will be paid out to the Bride and Groom according to the method chosen by them after all the charges specified in the Price List have been deferred. 
  • If the Bride and Groom chose an online payment, the money will be transferred to the bank account of the Bride and Groom’s choice within 3 calendar days from the day when the disposition was made.
  • In case when the disposition was made to transfer the money to the VISA Weddiness credit card, the Bride and Groom will be given such a card within 30 days from the day when the disposition was made, and the funds accumulated within the Weddiness website will be given to the Bride and Groom on Their demand.


§ 6

Confidential Information 

  • Any information will be treated as Confidential Information regardless its form, as well as circumstances under which the Administrator has gained it, also by coincident and on purpose that contain data in particular on: numbers, personal details of the Bride and Groom (the information here and after referred to as “Confidential Information”).
  • The Bride and Groom expresses Their acceptance to add information provided by Them at registration to the Administrator’s data base.  
  • Administrator promises that without an explicit written consent under the penalty of invalidity, the Administrator:
    • will not use Confidential Information to His own or somebody else’s benefit,
    • will not record or copy Confidential Information unless it is necessary to fulfil His obligations to the Bride and Groom,
    • will not disclose Confidential Information to any third parties or entities. If the Bride and Groom give their consent to disclose the Confidential Information to a third party, the Administrator will make the parties liable to maintain confidentiality of Confidential Information at least to the extent described in the hereby Terms and Conditions. 
  • Administrator promises that He:
    • will use Confidential Information solely for the purpose to fulfil His obligations under the Agreement to the Bride and Groom,
    • will maintain any Confidential Information a close secret and will add all efforts to protect It properly,
    • will disclose Confidential Information only to parties engaged in fulfilment  of the Agreement,
    • will destroy or return all the carriers of Confidential Information on the Bride and Groom’s demand and according to their choice,
    • will promptly notify the Bride and Groom about the circumstances, in particular court or administrative proceedings, which will legally oblige Administrator to disclose Confidential Information unless, disclosure of such information is forbidden by the provisions of law or decision of an organ demanding Confidential Information, and
    • will promptly notify the Bride and Groom about the known fact of losing, disclosing or copying Confidential Information in a way that violates the Agreement.
  • The confidentiality clause does not apply to information that is public domain or to Confidential Information, which became commonly known otherwise than disclosed by the Administrator in a way that violates the Agreement.  If the nature of information is undefined, it shall be treated as Confidential Information.


§ 7


  • The Bride and Groom hereby state that They are the author and therefore own all the copyrights to photographs and content published within the Account.  
  • Conclusion of the Agreement is synonymous with the expression of consent of the Bride and Groom to use free of any charge the published photographs (non-exclusive licence), to record them in a computer memory, edit, delete, complete, publicly display, copy and pass on (in particular, in the Internet).
  • Publishing the photographs by the Bride and Groom within the Account is synonymous with the fact that it shall not threat or violate the rights of any third parties, in particular it shall not violate ownership and personal copyright, and that the person passing on the photographs owns consent of people photographed and is authorised to express consent on their behalf to use the images in an extent described in Section 2 of the hereby Paragraph.  In case of any claims from the third parties due to the copyright violation as described above, the person passing on [the photographs]- as the only one holding the responsibility- will reimburse the Administrator any costs that will emerge as a result of the claim, releasing the Administrator from any liabilities due to the claim.  


§ 8


  • All complaints on the fulfilment of the Agreement can be send by the Bride and Groom to an e-mail address of the Administrator: info@weddiness.com
  • All the complaints will be addressed within 14 days upon receival. The parties involved will be notified about the complaint management via email. 


§ 9


  • Administrator shall be liable for lack of or improper fulfilment of the Agreement provisions only within the extent described by the Terms and Conditions or as authorised by the act.   
  • Administrator will not be liable for lack of or improper fulfilment of the Agreement provisions if the Bride and Groom fail to fulfil Their obligations described in Terms and Conditions in an extent, in which failure to fulfil the obligations by the Bride and Groom influences the lack of or improper fulfilment of the Agreement provisions by the Administrator.


§ 10

Amendments to the Terms and Conditions

  • Administrator will deliver to the Bride and Groom a written content and will publish on the Website any proposal of amendments to the Terms and Conditions in advance of at least one month before the change is introduced.   
  • Bride and Groom can deliver Agreement Termination to the Administrator in case They do not accept the proposed amendments, within 14 days upon receival of the proposal of amendments. Lack of statement issued by the User will be synonymous with the acceptance of the amendments.
  • Administrator delivers the content of any proposed amendment to the Terms and Conditions via email. Bride and Groom can terminate the Agreement via email.


§ 11

Privacy Policy

  • All data entered by the User (personal data included) are entered at registration with His consent. In order to provide the service, Weddiness.com processes data entered by the User. Also, with the User’s consent, chosen personal data is made available to other Users (Guests, Partners, Bride and Groom) in order to provide the service. The data may  also be used to communicate with the Users and to provide Them with technical or subject of matter help.
  • All data sent to the Website and all transactions are encoded and secured with the top class security systems SSL by the well recognized certifying organization Comodo (www.comodo.com).
  • Due to safety reasons, a logged User is automatically logged out after 30 minutes.
  • Particular threats while using the services:
    • Bride and Groom should keep the password to the Account a secret,
    • Bride and Groom should pay special attention to the necessity of the proper introduction of bank account details into the system that is: name of the receiver, address, zip code, city name, bank name, SWIFT/BIC code and any other information necessary to make money transfers by Guests.


§ 12

Personal Data

  • During the Agreement, the Administrator will collect personal data of the Bride and Groom and of the Partner, which will be processed by the Administrator.
  • Administrator processes personal data to an extent that is necessary to make, shape the content of the Agreement, modify, terminate and properly provide electronic services and also, to make settlements with the Bride and Groom.
  • Personal data processing will be conducted as authorised by the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Personal Data Protection (Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 101, item 926 with amendments). Personal data is provided by the Users voluntarily and a User has a right to verify and alter the data. 
  • Administrator holds the right to make rendering of services on the basis of Agreement conditional on the previous verification of personal data of the Users with the adequate documents through sending e.g.: a photocopy of an identification document. Sending of a photocopy of an identification document is voluntary. After the identity has been verified, all documents sent shall be returned to the User.    
  • After the Agreement termination, all collected and processed data will be subject to the anonymisation.


§ 13

Final conclusions

  • Bride and Groom will not transfer any liabilities resulting from the Agreement on the third party without the consent of the Administrator.
  • All issues not described by the Terms and Conditions shall be resolved by the adequate provisions of the Polish Civil Code and of the act on rendering electronic services.  
  • Terms and Conditions will be valid from 20th of June 2012.
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