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Enter the Bride & the Groom gift registry using the link you were sent in an e-mail or in the invitation from them or, find their site using the above search tool and contribute with money towards any gift!

It’s enough if you enter one name or last name of the Bride or the Groom. However, it’s easier if you enter both names and last names!


  • Your website with gifts registry for the first 7 days from the day of registration is free-of-charge and activated (edition and money contribution enabled) . You have plenty of time to thoroughly test the Weddiness and tailor it to your needs.
  • The only necessary service fee is the activation fee, which allows you to use the service for as long as 12 months (promotion)!
  • IMPORTANT! You don’t need to pay the activation fee in order to create and edit the gift list but the sooner you pay, the sooner your guests will be able to contribute to your gifts. This way you can use the money before your wedding day.



  • Activation fee is the only fee you pay while using Weddiness if you decide to choose that your guests will pay a little commission or you won’t enable on-line payments for your guests at all. If you want to publish your gift registry and make it possible for your guests to make payments, you should activate the list that is buy a Activation fee at the following price: EUR 25.00 or PLN 95.00

Activation fee Weddiness

  • EXTEND THE ACTIVATION FOR FREE: If you need your website with gift registry for more than 12 months - contact Weddiness and we will extend your activation for free for as long as you wish.
  • Thanks to buying your Activation fee, you will be able to keep your website with gift registry active for as long as 12 months, which will enable you to share the list and collect funds many weeks before the wedding day as well as after it. Activation fee can be bought via the most common methods of on-line payments by clicking the bookmark “Service fees” after you log in to your account.



All the fees and discount mentioned below are optional and rely on how you use Your gift registry is flexible and can be customised to meet your needs!


  • If Weddiness was recommended to you by a Weddiness Partner, give the email address of the person/business who recommended it to you and you will receive a discount on your Activation fee in the amount of:

EUR 2.00 or PLN 5.00 discounted from your Activation fee.

  • In order to check if a person who is recommending the service to you is actually a Weddiness Partner and receive a discount, put the email address of the person or business in the field “Give the email address of the person recommending” to receive a discount in the bookmark “Service fees” and click “Check”. If the email address exists in the Partner database, you will be granted a discount on your Activation fee!



It is up to you to decide on at least one out of 2 available methods of payment you want your guests to use and activate or deactivate these methods at any time to conveniently tailor them to your own as well as your guests’ needs:

1. On-line payments: Commision 4.9%

  • If a guest chooses to pay on-line right away he/she can use: credit cards, debit cards, instant on-line payments made via Polish, West- and South European banks (you will receive your payment instantly. On-line payments are now available for the following currencies: PLN and EUR.
  • On-line Payments are charged with a commission amounting to 4.9% of the value of a gifts purchased. The commission fee consists of a fee charged by the payment operator and a Weddiness service fee.
  • In order for the newlyweds not be charged with any commission fees and for them to be able to receive 100% of the value of the purchased gift, please make sure that you check the option “Allow your Guests to pay commission” in the bookmark called “Payment methods”. In such case, while making a payment for a given gift, a guest will be able to add the commission fee to his/her payment so that the Lucky Couple could enjoy the 100% of the gift value.
  • However, if the Happy Couple would rather pay the commission fee themselves and turn off the option “Allow your Guests to pay commission” - the value of gifts purchased on-line will be reduced by 4.9%.
  • For example, if a guest buys a gift for EUR 100.00, the commission fee will amount to EUR 4.90 only. If a guest pays the commission fee, his/her payment will therefore amount to EUR 104.90 (100.00+4.90), and the Lucky Couple will receive the full value of the gift, that is EUR 100.00. If the newlyweds decide to cover the costs of commission fee, the guest will only pay EUR 100.00 but their gift value will at the end stand at EUR 95.10 (100.00-4.90).

2. Guests pay on their own (off-line): Commision 0%

  • If guests make payments on their own, they are not charged with any commission fee!
  • If guests decide to pay on their own, they receive an email with your bank account details, make the contribution on their own (e.g. at the post office) and, if you have already received the money, you just click on the Weddiness panel that the payment is marked as accepted or you can send an automatically generated reminder to the guest informing him/her payment still needs to be made). Payments made by guests on your own are available in every currency of the world!



If you receive funds through On-line Payments, the funds are held in the payment operator’s account ( You can withdraw the funds at any time and how many times you wish by clicking the Withdrawal button in the bookmark called “List of Payments. The total of new payments made on-line will be transferred to the account number you gave within a maximum of three days from the moment the payment was demanded. 

The first funds withdrawal - free.

Every money transfer that follows the first one will be paid after you demand the payment and it costs EUR 5.00 for accounts maintained in EUR or PLN 5.00 in case the currency you decided on Weddiness is PLN.



If you wish to receive a special VISA Weddiness ATM card and collect funds on it instead of on your own account, you can buy it at the price of:

EUR 80.00 or PLN 295.00

IMPORTANT! VISA Weddiness card is issued in EUR only at the moment and the funds transferred to the card will be maintained in the EUR currency. The waiting time for your VISA Weddiness card to be delivered can vary from 1 to 4 weeks, depending on which place in the world the card needs to be sent to.

VISA Weddiness card can constitute a great solution for you if you are planning on going on a honeymoon trip or if you would like to use it to pay for your on-line shopping – you can pay with it at every VISA point-of-sale in the world, take money out of every ATM and use it for on-line shopping.


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