How works?

Enter the Bride & the Groom gift registry using the link you were sent in an e-mail or in the invitation from them or, find their site using the above search tool and contribute with money towards any gift!

It’s enough if you enter one name or last name of the Bride or the Groom. However, it’s easier if you enter both names and last names! is flexible and will adapt to your needs. You decide how you want to receive the money from your guests and you control it through one convenient "Payments list".  You have two ways of receiving the money to chose from:


1. On-line payments

  • If the guest pays intantly using online payment methods, the money goes to the online payments operator's account (, you see it on your "Payments list" and you can request the payout to your account by clicking the "Pay out" button. Money will be transfered to your account within 3 days (and when you have bought the Weddiness VISA Card, money will be transfered to the card). "Pay out" button will appear again right after the first new guest's payment has been made.
  • It is an easy and convenient way for a Guest to pay for a gift and at the same time it provides you with certainty that the gift has been paid for immediately after it has been chosen from the list. The money is sent directly to the Weddiness bank account and then… to you!
  • Important! On-line payment methods are only available, if you have created the gift registry in one of the following currencies: EUR, PLN.


2. Off-line: guests contribute on their own

  • If you decide that your guests can make contributions on their own, they can provide the money e.g. by making later the money transfer to your account or by bringing the money to the wedding. Paying on their own means the guest's declaration that he/she will provide you the money in the closest future on his/her own.
  • After a guest has chosen a gift, he/she clicks “Buy” button and will be asked for an e-mail address, to which an e-mail containing your bank account number and  purchase overview will be sent.
  • The guest will have to make a bank transfer from their bank account or credit card directly to Your bank account.
  • On your Weddiness account, under „Off-line contributions pending list” there will be information that a purchase declaration has been made. When you will confirm that a guest has transferred the money (monitor your bank account billings) you can click on „Confirm contribution” in Weddiness panel in order to move  that contribution to „Confirmed off-line contributions”.
  • Off-line payment method is the only one available for all world currencies.

Remember! If you have the gift registry in EUR or PLN you can at any time add or change payment method and thus, the way you will receive means to acquire your dream wedding gifts!

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