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Enter the Bride & the Groom gift registry using the link you were sent in an e-mail or in the invitation from them or, find their site using the above search tool and contribute with money towards any gift!

It’s enough if you enter one name or last name of the Bride or the Groom. However, it’s easier if you enter both names and last names!

Contributing to the wedding gifts for newlyweds thanks to is really easy and convenient!

  • Wedding guests enter the link to the Bride & Groom’s registry (sent to them via e-mail or in an invitation) or search for them using the search box on the home page
  • If the website is secured with the password (option for newlyweds), guests need to know it to enter the Happy Couple's website
  • Guests choose a gift or gifts that they want the Bride & Groom to buy
  • They enter any amount they want to contribute to any gift and click "Contribute"
  • They enter e-mail address (to receive confirmation), write who it is from (they can also mark that the gift is bougth on behalf of another person or add the names of more people that contribute to the gift), add wedding wishes and proceed to payments by clicking "Go to payments"


Depending on a payment method that the Bride & Groom have chosen for their Guests, the Guests can:


1. Pay on-line directly after a gift has been chosen

  • After choosing on-line payment method the guest chooses from many options (e.g. VISA card)
  • The guest clicks "Confirm" and is redirected to the external payment provider/bank.
  • After successful payment the guest is redirected back to
  • The guest will receive an e-mail with confirmation of contribution to the choosen gifts with the total paid amout, list of all guests that have contributed, wishes and with confirmation in PDF file.


  • Guests can contribute with money thanks to the most popular on-line payment methods right after choosing the gifts.
  • Available on-line payment options
    • For the gift registry in PLN: VISA, Mastercard, direct bank payments (all polish banks and many from West and South Europe) 
    • For the gift registry in EUR: TrustPay, DirecteBanking
  • In case of the on-line payment there’s a small service fee added to the amount of contribution. Thanks to this option, the happy couple can receive 100% of gifts value contributed. E.g. to contribute with EUR 100 usually there is 4,9% that is added to the choosen gifts value, in this case - EUR 4.90. By using on-line payment the newlyweds can for sure enjoy the money already before the wedding.


2. Guest pay on their own

  • If the Bride & Groom enables the option of "On their own" for their guests, the guest can choose this option. In this case the guest will receive e-mail with all information needed to provide the money on his/her own:
    • List of choosen gifts
    • Gifts price and the total amount
    • Bank money transfer date provided by newlyweds
  • After the gift has been chosen and the guest has clicked on “Contribute” button, he/she will be asked for an e-mail address, to which an e-mail containing your bank account number and purchase overview will be sent.
  • The guest will have to provide the money on his/her own e.g. by making the bank transfer from their bank account directly to newlyweds' account or by bringing the money personally 
  • If the Bride & Groom don’t confirm that the payment has been made on Weddiness, the guest can receive a reminder via e-mail.


  • Guests can view gift prices in any currency of their choice. The gifs value in currencies other than the one chosen by the Bride & Groom will be updated daily thanks to one of the best financial services provider in the World (
  • Gifts on the list can be also:
    • Sorted by price
    • Sorted by category
    • Searched by the word
    • View by "unpaid gifts'

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