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Enter the Bride & the Groom gift registry using the link you were sent in an e-mail or in the invitation from them or, find their site using the above search tool and contribute with money towards any gift!
It’s enough if you enter one name or last name of the Bride or the Groom. However, it’s easier if you enter both names and last names!

  • Weddiness.com is the most flexible on-line gift registry for newlyweds.
  • In Weddiness there are no physical gifts. Thanks to Weddiness you show your guests what you are dreaming of and what gifts you wish to have no matter if it is an object, a service or a honeymoon trip. Through Weddiness your guests can smoothly and quickly contribute to the gifts that you create and, just like you, they receive a confirmation of a gift purchase.
  • Weddiness is a website with a gift list to which you can also add any information relating to your wedding reception and wedding ceremony. You can also use Weddiness as a gift list only and add a link or your personalized banner to your Weddiness gift list on your existing wedding website.
  • The Happy Couple registers at Weddiness.com, creates their own gift registry as well as a simple website. The newlyweds choose their unique link and shares their website with their guests. The guests contribute to selected gifts through on-line money transfers or whatever other way they choose to provide money to the Happy Couple which can manage their payment list and withdraw money collected on-line at any time.
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